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Our services cover a variety of matters realting to acquisition and maintenance of IP rights. We mainly offer the following services:

  • Filings of applications for patents, utility model registrations, designs, and trademarks in Japan and other countries
  • Preparation of opinions, patent ability search, assignment of IP rights, license negotiation, drafting of contracts, and other IPR-realted matters
  • Trust worthy representation
  • Advice giving and consultation whenever necessary

Some of the Services We Provide

  • Free initial consultation
  • Preparation and prosecution  of patent applications
  • Preparation and prosecution  of unity model applications
  • Preparation and prosecution  of trademark applications
  • Preparation and prosecution  of design applications
  • Prior art searches
  • Patent validity and  infringement opinions
  • Oppositions
  • Invalidation and cancelation  proceedings
  • IP infringement  monitoring
  • Enforcement of rights
  • Litigation support
  • Consulting in connection with licensing, negotiation, and IP strategy
  • Translation

We handle patent matters on a global basis.

As a patent firm based in Osaka, Japan, we specialize in patent application and patent protection in various countries around the world.
The largest and second largest numbers of foreign applications are made in the United States and China, respectively.
Other countries include: South Korea, most of the European countries, Brazil, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Tanzania.

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

<Technical Fields>

  • ●Fuel cells/ Primary batteries/ rechargeable batteries/ solar cells/ power supply systems/ electronic components/ circuits/ resin compositions/ polymers & plastics/ adhesives/ sheet materials/ textiles/ synthetic leather/ semiconductors/ automobile components/ plasm devices/ lasers/ environmental technology/ medical equipment.
  • ●We mainly handle matters in the chemical field, mechanical field, information technology, etc.
    Services in the area of electrochemistry (chemical batteries, fuel cells, etc. ) are in high demand in recent years.
  • ●Services relating to foreign patent applications (mostly US patent applications) are in high demand.
    We have ties with many foreign patent firms and communicate well with all of them.
  • ●We also put much effort in providing consulting services to help our clients discover new inventions. Even if there is an idea, it is a difficult task to write claims and descriptions for a specification. Therefore, we will provide the needed support in completing an invention, by pointing out what is missing and what needs to be added.

Our Patent Attorneys



Ph. D.,Patent Attorney, Managing Partner Registration No. 11797

Chemicals, batteries, electronic components, plastics, legal opinion, litigation

  • ●Ph.D. in Engineering
  • ●Extensive experience preparing and prosecuting foreign and domestic patent applications
~1995 Received M.S. in Physical Chemistry from Osaka Prefecture University
1995~ Employed as engineer conducting basic research in R&D Department of Nagase-Chiba, Ltd.(now Nagase Chemtex Corporation)
1998~ Joined Asahina & Co. Patent Attorneys
1999~ Joined Ishii Patent Office
2006~ Received B.A. in Law from Kindai University
2009~ Received Ph.D. in Engineering (Materials and Manufacturing Science) from Osaka University
2012~ Became Managing Partner of Ishii Patent Office


Attorney Registration Number: 10747

Electrical products, machines, optical products, textiles, legal opinion, litigation, design

  • ●Obtained additional registration for representation of clients in specific infringement litigation
  • ●Extensive experience in patenting and designing technologies for electronics, controllers, mechanics, and textile manufacturers
1981 Received B.S. in Engineering Science from Osaka University
1981 Joined Minolta Co., Ltd. (now Konica Minolta, Inc.)
Participated in development of the world's first 0.5× to 2.0× full zoom control system for copiers
Participated in development of fixation control systems, exposure control systems, image-processing systems, etc.
1988 Joined Osamu Kitamura Patent Office (now R&C IP Law Firm)
1995 Registered as a patent attorney
2002 Co-founded Athena Patent Office
2004 Became founder of Sparkle Patent Office
2006 Partnered with Ishii Patent Office with an agreement on cooperation


Patent AttorneyPatent Attorney Registration No. 19071

Chemicals, textiles, plastics, electronic components, batteries, legal opinion, litigation

  • ●Extensive practical industry experience at chenical/textile manufacturer.
~1997 Received B. S. in Applied Science (Organic Synthesis) from Osaka University
1997~ Employed by Seiren Co., Ltd., with responsibility for intellectual property matters related to fiber processing and coating technologies
2001~ Joined Asahina & Co. Patent Attorneys and specialized in patent and utility model applications related to resin and rubber compositions
2007~ Reemployed by Seiren Co., Ltd. and again given responsibility for intellectual property matters related to fiber processing and coating technologies
2013~ Joined Ishii Patent Office


Attorney Registration Number: 19754

Mechanics, automobiles, semiconductors, batteries, medical devices, optics, electronics and software

  • ●Passed the patent agent examination of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 1994
1985 Received B.S. in Physics from Kwansei-Gakuin University
1985 Joined Sharp Corporation
1990 Assigned to the Intellectual Property Center, Patent Administration Department
Worked for patent management, e.g., adapting for electronic application system of the Japan Patent Office (JPO), etc..
1992 Assigned to the Intellectual Property Center, Washington D.C. branch office
Worked for collecting important information related to US patents, and for license and negotiation, etc.
1995 Reassigned to the Intellectual Property Center, Patent Administration Department
Worked for patent management, e.g., building and operating various databases, etc.
1998 Joined Aoyama & Partners registered patent attorneys working mainly for technical fields of mechanics, automobiles, battery, semiconductors, medical devices, optics, electronics and software.
2017 Joined Ishii Patent Office
Shinya HAZUI, Patent Attorney

Shinya HAZUI, Patent Attorney

Attorney Registration Number: 20755

Chemicals, batteries, electronic components, inorganic materials

1996 Received M.S. in Engineering (Applied Chemistry) from Osaka Prefecture University
1996 Joined Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
Engaged mainly in research and development of lead storage batteries
2001 Joined Ishii Patent Office
2012 Joined Morimoto International Patent Office
2015 Returned to Ishii Patent Office

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


Name of Firm Ishii Patent Office
Representative Shinichi Kawasaki, Patent Attorney
Address Kitahama-Yamamoto Building
3-6, Kitahama 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0041 Japan
Phone Number 06-4707-8050
Fax Number 06-4707-8051
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
About the Firm Our firm was founded by Kazuo Ishii in December, 1998. Ever since, it has been steadily growing with support from our clients which are mainly major electronics manufacturers.Our firm is located in Kitahama, which is at the center of Osaka.
Access One minute walk from Exit 2 (30 meters west from exit), "Kitahama" station of Keihan Line or Sakaisuji Line

Associate Offices

We frequently collaborate with the following associate offices.

Komatsu Law & Patent Office Yoichiro KOMATSU,Attorney-at-Law/Patent Attorney,General Manager
Highly respected Osaka-based patent law firm.
JTT K.K Gerald T. PETERS,U.S.Patent Agent,Principal
Osaka-based firm specializing in preparation & prosecution of U.S.patent applications.